Group Fitness


Ride from the shoreline to the mountain tops with our exceptional Spin class. This adventures challenges you to provide you with the results you are in search of. Don't be afraid if you have never tried it before, beginners are always welcome! 


Ballet Barre 

Group Fitness 


This class is butt kicking (and sculpting)! Through use of reps, light weights, balls, bars, and mats you will be in bathing suit shape in no time!


Spin & Strength 

Group Fitness 


This is the best of both worlds! While your legs are getting stronger, so are your arms! We incorporate a two or three- pound weight into a traditional spin class to build muscle everywhere. With music that gets you motivated, spin and strength will give you the results you want!



Group Fitness 


This super charged class will have the calories dripping right off of you! Follow along with the music as you use a 1/2 lb ripstix to drum to the beat all while focusing on toning your legs, arms, butt, and abs!


Tabata Strength 

Group Fitness 


This class is the perfect all-in-one workout! We are challenging your body with 45-second intervals of resistance training from station to station. You will transform your body to a leaner and stronger physique!  This quick class can help you achieve quick results- get that beach ready body in no time!  


Burn 30/30

Specialty Classes 


The Burn 30/30 is designed to get two workouts in one. The timed strength circuits will hit all major muscle groups while switching between cardio segments (elliptical, bike, or treadmill). The intervals will keep the heart rate up and the calorie burn high during this class. The program is for a mix of fitness levels with speeds designed for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. 

This is a four week program. There are no refunds for missed classes although you may make up a class from one of the other Burn 30/30 classes within the current session. No makeups can be carried into new sessions. 

This program is limited to eight participants so sign-ups are required.