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Enjoy Unlimited Fitness Classes for a year!

Only $59.99/month… oh yes we did!

student summer slim down membership

School's out for Summer! You put in all the hard work this school year- now it's time to let your mind rest and enjoy summer workouts! We know that students are on a budget- that's why we've created a special rate just for you!

Only $29.99/month starting June 21st and ending on September 5th! 


Ride from the shoreline to the hills with this journey that is made to challenge you start to finish. By controlling the resistance on your bike you can control the challenge you give your body! Our instructors will guide you and push you towards your best and personal results! If you have never tried Spin class before, don't be afraid; beginners are always welcome!! 

We love Spin and that's why we offer a Spin Class every single day! Seven days a week. 

Joya, Robin, Sue, Jackie, and Kerri can give you the challenge you've been looking for! 




This is the best of both worlds! While your legs are getting stronger, so are your arms! We incorporate a two or three- pound weight into a traditional spin class to build muscle everywhere. With music that gets you motivated, spin and strength will give you the results you want!

Our Spin and Strength Classes are for Sunday early birds. The class starts at 8:45 with Jackie! 


You've admired dancers bodies admit it (we all have) so why not have one? Ballet bare combines ballet moves along with weights and equipment to sculpt your legs, define your muscles and have you looking your best! It challenges all the corners of your body, targeting key muscles you never knew existed. Join us now, and know what everyone has been talking about!

We are obsessed with Marit, she changes the routines every week using gliders, tension straps, weights, or nothing at all! She can have you feeling muscles you didn't even know you had! 

Come and see for your self! Tuesdays and Saturdays @ 9:00 am. 

POUND. rockout. workout.

This super charged class will have the calories dripping right off of you! Follow along with the music as you use a 1/2 lb ripstix to drum to the beat all while focusing on toning your legs, arms, butt, and abs! You'll be so concentrated on the music and the beat you won't even remember it's a workout class! 

Music like "I Hate Myself For Loving You" by Joan Jett, The Blackhearts or "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC. 

You won't believe how much you can do with only two drumsticks! This class redefines resistance and fitness. 




The name says it all! This class focuses on combining short cardio moves along with weights to improve your resistance along with defining the muscles in your arms, legs, butt, thighs and core.

Joya, Sue, and Marit have different methods of teaching this class but they all reach the same goal and that's challenging you! They will have you feeling your muscles growing your heart racing as you improve your resistance. 

Sign up today!!   



You will never stop moving in this class! Joined by body moving music, this class will have you sweating calories like never before. Tiffany, our amazing instructor, guides your moves with choreography that will have you enjoying this class like no other. Beginners are always welcome!


This is our newest class yet, combining kickboxing with body defense. You will learn kickboxing moves that will help you control your breathing, improve your cardio, and discover new possibilities. Juve, our newest member of Chizel Fitness, will challenge you to become better, stronger, and push the boundaries you have created. You can do this! 


45 minuets of butt kicking is what this class is all about. Jackie created circuits that target specific muscles that last 45 seconds each followed by cardio endurance on the treadmill, spin bike, or elliptical! You will never regret taking this class, it will have you feeling proud and motivated!

Tabata Strength is known for its fat burning ability, its fast pace will make time fly and fat fade away! BRING IT!! 




Say hello to the high intensity class you've been waiting for! 45 minuets of non stop movement that will shred that unwanted fat you've been fighting against! Our instructor Leigh will give only use your body, no weights kettle balls or tension straps, just you! Modifications are available for beginners, but after a few sessions your resistance will improve so much you'll be begging for more time! Sign up today and start your journey towards the body you've always wanted! 






BURN 30/30

The Burn 30/30 our specialty class! Limited reserve slots that begin each month. Early birds, this one is for you!!