Great Way To Shred Up Fast

This morning in the studio a client asked about a quick way to get shredded. I couldn't help but think that besides a crash diet which always is no good, the only method I knew of was "the Crazy Eights".

This is a running workout which is done for a maximum of eight seconds or a length of a football field. The problem with this type of workout is....... you got it...... you can get hurt if your body is not in the best shape.  You can blow out a hamstring, hurt knees and hips if you've not been doing this type of speed work. So, how to get into the best shape to do this shred workout?

I call it cooking yourself slowly. Get on a treadmill, a track or a running path and just start walk/ running or plain out just running. Don't run fast, just enjoy the run. Do this a lot. Do this enough times so that if you were to increase your speed for about say 8 seconds, you wouldn't feel like your legs were beaten up the next day. 

Try doing this every time you run. Run 3-4x per week. 

Granted the weight will start to drop off of you want to see it drop faster? Then go to "hurt level" for 8-10 seconds. Run as fast as you possible can for this time. Jog out or walk for 10 seconds, then repeat this pattern 10-15x, follow with an easy 1 mile cool down.


Try doing this at least 1-2 x per week. You'll see the changes and best yet, you won't have lost any muscle doing it! Ever notice sprinters? Do they look super skinny like a Kenyan? Nope. That's 'cause they've challenged their bodies to fire their fast twitch muscle fibers and don't need to cannibalize their bodies. 

You'll get leaner and also develop one heck of a great heart rate!