Purposeful Living in 2015

Lately, I've been asking some of our fellow Chizel'ers if they had any New Year's Resolutions. While a few have said yes, most have said no, they didn't. The reason why was that if they did, they would probably just fail at it anyway and to say that they did would only be a reminder of their not achieving whatever it was they wanted to do.

I agreed with this ...at first, but then I started questioning what "failing" meant anyway. Although I may fall off the New Year's resolution wagon, didn't my getting up and climbing back into the wagon show I was having success? I mean we tell our fellow Chizel'ers that we are the sum total of all the little decisions we make everyday, all day. If our goal was to get into shape, then we shouldn't beat ourselves up if we miss a workout, instead we should push ourselves to get back into the wagon! We are not a product of how much we don't workout, but of how much we do.

But, how to change this thinking? How to stop beating ourselves up not achieving our goals? 

First, be brave. Go ahead, write a goal down. Or better yet, tell someone what you want to achieve. A fellow Chizel'er said to me "You need to write down what you want to do or you'll never accomplish anything". I took her advise and I did. Another one reminded me of the saying " I do not run without a goal. I fight like a boxer who is hitting something and not just air". I thought, "How many times do I just go through the motions when I do something and not have a purpose?" 

Secondly, be even BRAVER. I mean don't just think of a small goal, go for broke! If you are reaching for the moon and hit the stars, that's not a bad thing! 

Third, Don't quit. If you don't attain this goal right NOW, then don't stop trying. History is full of inspirational stories of people who kept getting back up even though the things they resolved to do weren't yet accomplished. How else would we even know who they were?

Lastly, make your New Year's resolution something that benefits others besides yourself. It could be not texting and driving, loosing weight to be able to run around with your kids, ending a relationship that is toxic, stop cursing, playing a guitar, learning how to swim. The list is endless but make the reason for the goal something that not only benefits you but others as well. It's so much more inspirational if others get something good out of it too!

So, 2015, the year to attain a goal has begun, will you?