An Exercise in Insanity?

It never fails to amuse me when a client here at Chizel tells me about a new diet they're on and over the years, I've heard it all. 

One client went on a "eat cheese at 2 pm", " drink only milk on Tuesday and Fridays" and "only eggs with cayenne pepper for the protein" was the menu.

…and she lost weight. 

No surprise there. 

…and she gained it right back.

No surprise there either.

The problem isn't the food but us and our habits. We continually jump at anything that will help us loose those extra 10- 15 lbs, anything that is except just staying the course.

We go on extreme diets, inadvertently loose muscle mass while we are forcing our bodies to go into defense mode with the deprivation of calories and then find that we've got more fat on our bodies than before!

Here's the worse part of all of this, we begin to believe that we're never going to be able to "get into our 18 year old shape again" and this leads to a downward spiral of emotional eating.

Meal after meal, snack after snack, day after day our bodies tell the stories of the small decisions we make. We go after the newest fads, exercise like crazy and we still aren't seeing a longterm difference. 

'cause we don't have the drive to just STAY THE COURSE!

Increasing your exercise moderately and eating slightly fewer calories will yield you the results LONGTERM that you are seeking. We all know this but somehow, insanity prevails. We see a friend who has lost weight at the ballgame and when we learn that they did it by going to see an a "specialist" who advocates eating only advocates and lemon juice, we jump right on.

We shell out the $1500 to meet with the specialist who does a complete workup on our blood and determines that our body type should have only avocados and lime juice!

But, we want to believe so much and since we paid the money, we do loose a little weight…for a while.

But inevitably, we gain it right back.

Because it's not sane! We know it but we choose to believe otherwise. Move more? Eat less? Loose weight? No! That can't work!

We need to do something crazy to loose the weight.

We really do need to do something CRAZY to loose the weight….we need to stay the course.

We actually have to become disciplined. We actually have to control our minds. We actually have to say to our selves " Get out there! Go take a walk, ride that bike, sign up for that class" and then we have to do it! We actually have to say, " No, I've have one cookie, 6 potato chips, or 1 slice of pizza, I'm not going to continue eating anymore". 

Sounds too simple right? 

Ok, you'e right, get your left ear lobe stapled and rub it whenever you feel you want to eat something bad. 

Or if that doesn't work, how about a "Beet juice " cleanse, I heard those really work!

At Chizel, we've had the pleasure of training a new client. a client who came to us and said , "I want to loose 25 lbs" and she meant it. She lost 8 lbs and then hit a "wall". She and her trainer decided to work through it. She stayed the course. She didn't rush out to see a specialist. She stayed the course. She didn't give up and binge for days and then start all over again, she stayed the course. 

And she broke through it. To date, she has lost 15 lbs. 15 lbs slow in coming off but earned through a change in behavior that was a modest one, a reasonable one. She stayed the course.

That's what it takes. Staying the course. 

To easy right?