Staying Healthy During the Holidays

A lot of us tend to get off track with eating and exercise this time of year. There are numerous holiday parties with decadent food and lots of shopping to be done, all of which encroaches on our time spent exercising and derails our normal eating habits.

The stress and excess of the holidays is actually the perfect reason to continue your healthy habits instead of abandoning them until its time for New Year's Resolutions. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and boost your immune system. Who wants to feel sick and tired during the holiday season? No one! 

Continue with your normal exercise routine as best you can and you will feel much better and less stressed. Also you can have a few of those holiday drinks and cookies with a little bit less guilt.

Fitness should be an integral component of your life at any age and any time of year. So, while you are thinking about what gifts you will give to your loved ones this year, give yourself the gift of fitness. You might even want to give them the gift of fitness by asking them to join you. Showing someone the path to healthy living is the gift that keeps on giving.