How To Eat An Elephant ( from a Foodie)

Ok, I know you all have heard me say this but I'm gonna keep saying it FOREVER!!! Diets don't work, LIFESTYLES do!

….and believe it or not you are already showing your success ( or lack thereof) in this.

That's right, your body is already proof of a lifestyle. Now, I'm not sure exactly what that lifestyle is, but there's a good chance that if you're 30 lbs overweight, you're successful at overeating, not moving enough or the combination of both.

Now, you can go off on a wacky trend and drink only green leafy vegetable slurps. Or you can cut carbohydrates and gluten out of your meals. You can start drinking only protein shakes with "energy booster" pills thrown into the mix or you can determine that you will no longer have anything "white" ( like sugar) in your daily meals, but more than likely you'll end up going off this regimen. Sooner rather than later, you'll prove that diets don't work, lifestyles do. 

So how to create a lifestyle that is congruent with what we envision ourselves to be?

Maybe, better to ask how can you eat an elephant?

Answer is and always will be…. One bite at a time.

This is to say, lifestyle changes don't happen overnight. They start small with one effective change at a time.

Maybe,  this might mean, you make it a point to get to bed earlier, say 10 minutes earlier than usual, then increase it to 20 minutes in a month, then 30 minutes in 2 months.

With an increase in sleep, you're less likely to eat as much, heck you might even start waking up earlier and get more done before the day starts. That might mean less stress at the start of the day. That may lead to lower cortisol levels and thus less of a tendency to hold onto fat stores!

You might actually be more energized and decide to walk in the evenings before you go to bed .

 (at the earlier time that you changed in your lifestyle back 2 months ago).

Wow! Really? More energy, perhaps a few pounds gone and no starvation?

Nah! Too easy, better order that $530/month Fat Burner package from that latest fad program.