80% Diet and 20% Exercise - NOT REALLY!

There's been a lot of buzz lately about how much diet is the MAIN determiner of how we change our bodies…..and that's true to some extent BUT!

Recently we started a competition here at Chizel and challenged a number of people enrolled in our early morning 30/30 Burn program to compete to loose the most amount of body fat. To be able to prove who the winner will be, we offered to have the participants' body fat measured. A few of these participants had had their body fat measured in the past and we had kept their records.

The interesting thing was that a few of these challengers has lost a significant amount of weight previous to the start of this contest. At least 2 people had lost over 50 lbs but when we measured their body fat, they hadn't lost a significant amount from the previous readings.

Why? Because although they stayed true to cutting down their calories consumed, they also lost something besides their fat. They lost MUSCLE! 

In fact while measuring these participants, by pinching their arms, waists and thighs, it was like grabbing a handful of well….flab.

There, I said it. Just loosing weight and NOT exercising produces a VERY FLABBY body.

When all that weight comes off, the results underneath aren't very attractive. You really do need to keep up with the exercise and weight training aspect of your new body regimen. 

I hear it all the time, people say "It's what I eat that determines my body", but that's not the whole of it. As you loose weight, the ratio of what your body looks like starts to change from an 80/20 ratio of food to exercise to a 70/30 and eventually to a 50/50. It's just like building a house, you can't build it without the right tools but you ALSO can't build it without the right workmen.

So stay on that course of lifting, jogging, pumping and pushing….not only will you look a whole lot better but you will feel that much better as well!