The Benefits of Spinning as a Workout

Spinning or indoor cycling classes are usually sweat inducing, high energy classes with loud music and constant pedaling at varying intensities either through changes in cadence (the speed of your legs) or resistance or alternating between seated and standing positions.

Over 20 years ago Johnny G, a South African cyclist and former professional cyclist, introduced Spinning® to the world. (Spinning is now a Registered Trademark of Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.) He transformed the stationary bike you see sitting in the gym into a group fitness program called indoor cycling.”

Spinning can be a very challenging workout, but with good music, a good instructor and the motivation of others pedaling around you, an hour can go by in the blink of an eye. Spinning is a great workout for people of any age and at any fitness level. If you are trying to get into shape for the first time you can do spinning and just take it at your own pace. If you just keep pedaling for that full hour you will still get a great workout. Then you can work your way up to, adding more resistance, standing, sprinting and some of the other more challenging aspects of the class. If you are a more advanced athlete you can add more resistance, spin at a higher cadence and really get a great benefit as well. Since indoor cycling is low impact, people of any age and many people who have injuries can still participate and get a great benefits.

 Here are some of the fantastic benefits of indoor cycling:

·       High number of calories burned with forty-five minutes to an hour

·       Great exercise for weight loss

·       It creates muscular endurance, as your muscles need to keep moving to keep you pedaling throughout the entire class

·       Low impact - lower stress on the joints of the body

·       Puts minimal stress on the spine

·       Helps to lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels

·       Can be done at any level of fitness, as you control the intensity of the workout

·       Can be a good workout for people with arthritis (consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise with arthritis)