Training that is actually personal! Whether you are interested in strength training, plyometrics, powerlifting, toning, or pilates we cover it all here at Chizel! We have the ability to train up to three Chizelers at a time while covering anything from the core to sports conditioning. Our experienced trainers use a variety of equipment from squat bars, medicine balls, bench presses, tubes, TRX, bands, free- weights, kettle bells, and the traditional pilates equipment including reformers, towers, chairs, and mats. Together we have over sixty years experience and we know how to get you in shape! 


Are you serious about your high school sports performance? Let Rodney or Betsy take you to the next level! Our personal trainers have the experience and education to allow you to make the most out of your high school sports career. 

Jackie, RodneyBetsy, and Cindy have the skill sets to train any and every client and we offer several personal training packages to suit everyone's needs and schedules.


1 SESSION      |  1 HOUR  |  SINGLE   |  $75

10 SESSIONS  |  1 HOUR  |  SINGLE   |  $650 

10 SESSIONS  |  1 HOUR  |  DUET     |  $350

10 SESSIONS  |  1 HOUR  | TRIPLET  |  $300